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36 Months
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20 Years
Experience in Industry

Magnetic Insect Screen


This simple and effective screening process is one of our most popular solutions for fuss-free use and ease of maintenance.
The screen keeps out pests and dust while allowing fresh air to flow into your home.

Technically advanced in every way, the Magnetic Insect Screens are pliable and efficient, making your home and the view that stands behind it, clean and clear.

Your home will be a healthier and greener place to live in, keeping the pests out and letting the sun shine through, while MagicSeal stands, protecting you, while you enjoy the view.

Technology of 3M, Phifer Inc.

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens adheres to the frame of your window using our innovative magnetic sealing system. Utilizing the latest in screening and bonding technology of 3M and Phifer Inc. paired with our patented MagicSeal Ezi-Loc system.


MagicSeal Ezi-Loc System

Easy Insect Screen removal

Insect Screen Ezi-loc


MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens is an in-house original design, which uses our patented Magicseal Ezi-Loc system, which further improves the functionality and aesthetics of the window opening.

Our Ezi-Loc system makes it easy for users to access the insect screens because of its ergonomic design
as well as keep the screen securely in place, preventing it from falling off due to strong winds or bad weather.

What’s more, this system allows for easy removal of screens from their hosts’ panel and/or window for ease of cleaning.

Magnetic Insect Screen before and after

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So give us a call today for a free, no obligations quote. Our Sales Advisors will be on hand to help make the primary measurements, prior to the installation process, where you would be taking the first step of making your home a healthier environment for your family.

At Magicseal, we pride ourselves in making your home a cleaner and greener place to live in, keeping pests out, but allowing the fresh air in. Protecting You, While You Enjoy The View.