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Magicseal Insect Screens are a patented product, manufacture from high quality, flexible, color co-ordinate plastics designer strips laminated to a rare earth magnetic strip. Screens are custom made from fiberglass reinforced mesh to fit all windows.

Magicseal Singapore Pte Ltd is the licensed manufacturer for the whole range of magicseal magnetic Insect screen products in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Magicseal Singapore Pte Ltd had been established since Year 1997 has had almost 10 years of experience in the manufacture and installation.

Below are some of the prominent customer list references for your perusal:

  1. Peacehaven Nursing Home for the Aged, owned by the salvation Army in Changi
  2. Singapore High Commission Complex in Yangon
  3. Singapore High Commission Complex in Brunei
  4. U.S. Air force, 497th Combat training Squadron
  5. Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc.
  6. Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  7. NUS Kent Vale Lecturer’s Apartment
  8. NUS Department Of Microbiology
  9. Angsana Resort and Spa at Bintan
  10. JJ Drinks Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  11. Army camp complex in Mandai
  1. Trinity Theological College
  2. Banyan Tree – Seychelles
  3. SAFTI Military Institute
  4. H.P.L at Bhutan Resort
  5. NTU Students’ Hostels
  6. Temasek Polytechnic
  7. COSTA Sand Resort
  8. Singapore Turf Club
  9. Changi Sailing Club
  10. NTUC Resort
  11. Changi Prison
  12. Istana
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