Why MagicSeal?

Invisible Insect Screen Doors and Insect Screen Windows

Similarly a screen door is used to cover the exterior door or even a sliding glass door. The fine wire mesh of such screen doors not only keeps the flies and insects outside but also stops your little kids and pets from leaving interior spaces off guard. Designed in different forms and sizes, screen doors have wide ranges to be used for French doors, patio doors and conservatory door styles.


We spend time cleaning up our house and maintaining the highest order of hygiene in every corner of the house. The dust is swept out and floors are wiped clean to upkeep the welcoming and comfortable house. Despite our best efforts, there are house flies, mosquitoes and other little insects that easily manage to fly in whenever the door is ajar or windows are kept open to let in the fresh air. These pests are not just irritating but also the potential carriers of deadly diseases. The dilemma of most house owners is that for ventilation purposes, we do need to let the fresh air in through doors and windows and so they have to be opened for some time at least.

Insect screens, also known as insect mesh are now the simple answer to such problems. Made with metal wire, fiber glass or other synthetic fiber mesh, these screens are stretched over a window with a purpose to keep insects, leaves, debris and birds from entering our house.
Warranty 3 Years!

Prevent Dengue

A more advanced version for insect screen and screen doors is a invisible magnetic insect screen. It is customized as per the size of your doors and windows and can be installed directly on them.

So, when it comes to proper protection of your house from all the annoying pests and dengue, invisible insect screens do provide the optimum solution. For premium quality insect screens in Singapore, Magicseal Singapore has a wide range of insect screens for doors and windows of all kinds, you can purchase the perfect shield that safeguards your house from pests.